Success Stories

From Our Clients

Jake H

We didn’t have a very big area but Ray designed a very clever space saving deck and set of stairs that maximized the useful area. We now have a beautiful deck with a custom cedar couch and fire table. Amazing craftsmanship so now my son is getting a deck built by Ray

Tassim C

Our property was extremely unlevel which created some major water problems. Ray came in with two excavators and a bobcat and made our yard completely flat. They also added a brand new drainage system and now we have a beautiful flat yard that stays completely dry. Can’t thank Ray enough

Ron T

“a broken water main on the street completely flooded our home and destroyed our driveway. Ray was extremely quick to get to work and this relieved a lot of stress we were dealing with. With unbelievable efficiency our old crumbled concrete driveway was removed in less than a day and a new one was poured and perfect by day four. The speed at which they got the job done did wonders for our peace of mind.”