Adding a beautiful deck to your home will create an amazing outdoor space for you to enjoy. Decks come in all shapes and sizes and can be built with a wide range of construction material. Ranging from small ground level decks made from pressure treated wood to grand multi level decks with roofs, pergolas and privacy screens made from cedar and composite materials. Having a wood framed deck is probably the most functional way to utilize your outdoor space. Being as decks can be attached to your house at any point from the ground floor to top story.

The versatility of wood framed decks is endless. Using posts and beams it is possible to construct tall expansive decks or using sleepers cover and existing old patio with beautiful new decking material. Some of the most common decking materials are but not limited to pressure treated wood. Using pressure treated lumber for your deck is probably the most economical material and has a simple clean look. A pressure treated deck is easily painted and cleaned.

Cedar is a beautiful wood option for decks and used extensively in the pacific northwest. A deck made from cedar is durable and has a gorgeous natural look. Staining a cedar deck is always a good idea and adds to the longevity of the deck while enhancing the stunning natural colors. Composite decking is a pricey option for a deck but lasts forever and is pretty much indestructible while being extremely easy to clean and very resistant to scratches. A deck made from composite decking has a sleek, clean, and modern look. A composite deck is very smooth under foot. With whichever material is used for your deck there is a wide range of patterns and designs that can be implemented.

Once a deck is constructed there are many additions that can be made. Ladice or a privacy screen can be erected on the deck to give it a cozy and private feel. Also pergola’s give a deck a sense of grandeur and also adds some shade to an otherwise open deck area. Putting a roof over a deck is easily done and shelters you and any furniture from the weather. Giving you the option to enjoy your deck all year round. Some other options for your deck are fire tables. A fire table is functional and adds warmth and radiance to your deck. Built in couches and furniture are custom made to fit your deck perfectly. Thus getting the most out of your deck space.

Kitchens and BBQs can also be custom built to fit your deck. This is an excellent choice for entertaining. The possibilities for decks really are endless. Just as there is a wide variety of  deck choices there are many different types of railings to keep your deck safe. A post and picket railing made from wood or aluminum is a simple and charming way to enclose your deck.

For an unobstructed view seamless glass railing systems give your deck an elegant and open feel. Whether it’s just two steps for use on a ground level deck, or a grand staircase connecting a multi level deck with wood framed decks it is easy to incorporate stairs.

When constructing wood framed decks it is important to have the proper foundation for the height and scale of the deck. A foundation for low lying decks can be loose peer blocks on gravel. However the foundation of a tall deck should be concrete poured in a sono tube. Once the foundation is in place you can erect the posts and attach the ledger board.

You must make sure there are enough post for the span of your deck. Always use the appropriate size beams for the size and weight of the deck. When the beams are in place you can run your joists. Always make sure the joists are level this will ensure a perfect and flat surface for the deck boards. After the deck boards are down it is always good to run a rim board this cleans up the perimeter and gives it a beautiful finished look.

The addition of a deck greatly increases your outdoor living space. Decks are extremely functional and can turn any space into a beautiful outdoor oasis. Whatever your outdoor living needs there is a deck to fit your lifestyle.


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