Concrete Services

Concrete is an amazing versatile construction material with an unlimited potential for applications. Because of the clean smooth lines of concrete it matches perfectly with modern and contemporary construction. The strength and durability of concrete makes it perfect for architectural walls, driveways and patios. With wood forming techniques it is possible to make concrete any shape, height, length or width thus giving it an advantage over other construction materials.

Modern concrete is a mixture of sand, aggregate and portland cement and by adding steel rebar it is one of the strongest long lasting products on the market.

Concrete is naturally grey but can be dyed to almost any color making it extremely versatile. Also there are many way you can finish concrete to give it a wide range of looks. From a smooth shiny polished concrete patio to a rough brush finished slip resistant sidewalk. Concrete can also be stamped for interesting and complex patterns or a natural stone look. Because of the unmatched versatility of concrete it is perfect for any construction project.

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