Concrete Ponds

Concrete ponds are a beautiful feature to add to any home. Concrete can be formed to almost any shape or size making it the perfect product for pond construction. There is an amazingly wide range of possibilities for concrete ponds. Using concrete, ponds could be a simple shallow reflecting pond, or a giant intricate five level waterfall the applications are endless. One of the benefits of concrete ponds is the clean square lines, this gives your pond a sleek modern look. Also using concrete means that you can incorporate the plumbing right into the form making the piping easy to conceal. Because of the relative strength of concrete you have the ability to build high without building wide. This gives you the opportunity to add waterfalls and features to your concrete pond without taking up very much space.

Adding water weirs and spouts to your concrete pond gives it a gorgeous and interesting look. Because the plumbing is hidden inside the concrete and the water weirs are also built into the concrete forms the appearance is simple and seamless. Also people find the sound of flowing water very meditative.

By using concrete for your pond you are able to connect multiple ponds to each other seamlessly and easily. Because of the smooth finish of concrete this makes concrete ponds very easy to clean. Once the concrete pond is formed and poured there is wide range of products to face, cap and add to the concrete to really give it the WOW factor. For example you put stepping stones through your pond giving you the ability to walk over water. This can be done with natural stone pavers or concrete pads. This gives the illusion that the stones are floating over the pond. Fire features can also be added without the fear of melting a rubber liner. Natural stone can also be used to cap the concrete walls of the pond for a more natural look. Also tile, stone, or painted glass are just a few options for facing any concrete water features in your pond. Adding a concrete pond to the front of your house will give it some major curb appeal. While a concrete pond in your backyard will give it that private oasis feel.

Concrete ponds are also a perfect choice if you desire to have fish. Because of the malleability of concrete it is easy to create ledges and over hangs. This will give your fish a safe place to hide from predatory birds and mammals. Also with the plumbing inside the concrete it is easy to add heaters and filters for more exotic fish species. Concrete ponds are an excellent choice for modern and contemporary homes as the clean smooth lines match perfectly with the symmetry or asymmetry which is used in modern and contemporary construction.      

Construction of concrete ponds and water features is quite simple in comparison with conventional ponds. Concrete ponds also have a much smaller footprint than conventional ponds giving you the ability to have a bigger, deeper pond that is proportional to a conventional pond in the same area. With the strength of concrete you can have a much deeper pond in a smaller area than if you were using other methods. This gives you the ability to have a beautiful substantial pond even if space is an issue. Because you do not need a rubber liner for concrete ponds there is no risk of holes, tears and leaks. This also means you don’t need hide a liner with rocks giving a concrete pond a much cleaner and sleek look. Because you are able to pour the concrete walls and floor in one continuous pour you are left with a seamless and leak proof pond.

Ponds have been in gardens since time and memorial and with the explosion of beautiful modern and contemporary home designs, concrete ponds are the perfect fit. Whether it is a small one foot deep reflecting pond or three, four foot deep ponds connected with water falls and  features with a wide array of fish. Because of the versatility of concrete any home can benefit from the beautiful and calming nature of a concrete pond.


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