Concrete Patios and Walkways

With elegant clean lines and unmatched strength and durability concrete patios are by far one of the best choices for patio construction. Because of the versatility of concrete there is an almost infinite number of possibilities for your patio. Concrete can be dyed to almost any color. A concrete patio could be stamped for a intricate natural look. For a contemporary home a smooth trowelled finish to the concrete is the perfect option to accentuate the clean lines of a modern house. A brushed finish will texture the concrete making your patio durable and slip proof.

Another option is to expose the aggregate in the concrete giving it a classic rocky look. And with dry or wet cut relief lines there is an infinite number of possible patterns for your concrete patio to have. Because of the versatility of concrete It is also possible to use other material in your patio. For instance you could border a concrete patio with wood or composite decking. Or likewise border or integrate concrete into a wood or composite patio. If there are space restrictions such depth, length and width or awkward angles, because of the flexible nature of wood forming concrete patios are perfect for any area. Another advantage to concrete patios is how easy it is to clean a simple pressure washing will make your concrete patio look brand new. Also if the finish product is going to be a natural stone or tile patio in almost all cases you must start with a concrete patio for strength then finish it with the stone or tile. Because concrete is one of the strongest construction material your patio should last a lifetime. An excellent addition to any concrete patio in a concrete walkway. Again because of the versatility of concrete your walkway can take on any length, shape or size.

From a beautiful curvy meandering path to a straight right angled walkway concrete is the perfect construction material to match any home. Another option is a segmented concrete walkway with grass or decorative rock put in between concrete slabs. This adds an interesting touch to an already beautiful concrete walkway. This style can also be implemented for paths moving through lawns making the concrete path and extension of the lawn rather than a separate entity.

Adding a concrete walkway to the front of the home, especially matched with concrete stairs will give your house a sleek inviting entrance that maximizes curb appeal. By incorporating concrete walkways from the front to of the property to the back and connecting them to concrete patios this adds wonderful flow and continuity to any project. Whether a large extravagant concrete patio with intricate patterns and curvy edges or a simple straight walkway, concrete is the perfect option for any home.

The construction process for any concrete patio or walkway always starts with a flat, compacted area. Then you add the sub base it is very important to build your concrete patio or walkway on a strong engineered material such as road base or clear crush. The sub base must be heavily compacted this prevents the concrete patio from sinking over time. Adding rebar to the concrete patio holds it all together and if for some reason one side of the sub base sinks the patio will remain level and will not crack. It is also ideal to add wire mesh to the concrete patio or walkway this prevents future cracks. Once the forms have been built and braced you are ready to pour.

The concrete is usually mixed and brought to site in a concrete truck however for smaller projects it is possible to mix the concrete on site. When the concrete has been poured it is then screeted this is the process of leveling the concrete. Once the patio is level the concrete is then finished to the desired texture. The concrete is then left to set up for twenty four to forty eight hours before striping the forms. When this is completed you have a beautiful new concrete patio or walkway.


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